Best Customer Services by Leading Numbers in UK


How banks in UK are making their services attractive and easy for their customers


Tesco Bank Service:

When we launched Tesco bank the first thing that hits our mind was that how we are going to differentiate our financial services from others? How we will make our customers feel different when they will avail our financial services as compared to the other banks? So we decided to design financial services that are feasible for our customers rather than us.
As you know the concept of digital banking has spread like a virus in the banking sector. If 4 out of 5 customers are attracted towards our services then they will avail them online or through mobile apps. They would be able to manage their financial accounts from anywhere they want rather than visiting our branches. Therefore, we prefer to make our online services simple and easy to use. Recently we have launched our new website and it is very user friendly and the feedback that we have received from our customers is outstanding. The level of easiness that we are providing to our customers is the reason of our success.
  The latest feature we have introduced for our customers is “Balance Peek”. According to this feature you can check your balance in a very less time and you don’t need to login the mobile banking app. However, if you want to make any money transaction then you will need to login.  
  Another innovative feature launched by Tesco bank is “Save Now” feature. Save now helps you in transferring your money from any bank across the UK into Tesco saving account. This feature has increased the saving rate among our customers.  
  We believe in listening to our customers and we prefer to design services according to their needs and wants. Save now and balance peek are just two examples, we are looking forward to do much more for our customers. For any query feel free to dial Tesco Bank Contact Number.  

Financial Ombudsman Service:

  With the increase in number of banks, the thirst of competition has risen among the owners of bank. Due to this fact bankers have started to focus less on the consumer needs. Their main focus is that how we are going to win the race of superiority and how we will reach the position of number one. This trend has raised the number of unsatisfied consumers in the market. When a dissatisfied customer complaints about the bad service to the bank, then most banks simply reject their complaints. In most of the cases consumer back off from the case because of the fees and fear of litigation.  
  If you are not satisfied from your financial institution and they are not responding to your complaint then don’t get panic. Financial Ombudsman is an independent government institution and it’s established to solve the dispute occurring between the consumer and the bank. FOS main goal is to resolve issues quickly. Existence of such institutions is improving the services of banks. Banks know that if they will not respond towards the consumer complaints, then FOS is present to resolve such issues. Before complaining about your financial institution few things you should kept in mind.  
  1. FOS services are free of cost. Whether you win or lose FOS will not charge any money from you.
  2. If your business is not huge then you are only eligible to complain to the FOS. Small organizations are those whose number of employees is less than 10.
  3. You can take your complaint to the court and at the same time you can register your complaint with us. However, if the court has given a final decision then we will automatically dismiss your case.
  4. Decision will be made fairly by us. No concept of favouritism exists in our organization.
  If you are facing any problem, then free feel to dial Financial Ombudsman Contact Number.